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of or relating to or characteristic of a czar

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The third lesson is that the Kremlin is never to be trusted, despite the regime it is masked under czarist, communist or pseudo-democratic one.
Putin is exercising Russia's military strength to regain lands which once comprised the Czarist empire: in Georgia, Crimea, and in eastern Ukraine.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- There were a series of wars involving the Ottoman State and Czarist Russia between 1677 and 1917.
Doctor Zhivago'' is the tale of five intertwined lovers set during final days of Czarist Russia and the 1917 Revolution.
The complication is that Czarist Russia built its railroads to a wider gauge than the rest of the world, so no European invaders could just drive across the border.
Review Production: Fiddler on the Roof (Longwood Amateur Operatic Society) Venue: Lawrence Batley Theatre Review: William Marshall THIS famous show is set in a Jewish village in Czarist Russia that is stifled from within by its own suffocating traditions and threatened from without by the everimminent possibility of racial persecution.
Eventually he found himself expelled from the party for his independent-mindedness, deported to Central Asia, and finally permitted to leave the USSR in 1936, an outcast of the regime whose overthrow of the czarist autocracy he had so enthusiastically embraced .
Indeed, Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to be trying to reassemble the 19th-century map of Czarist Russia by holding on to Crimea, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and other parts of the old empire at all costs.
Throughout the czarist period, both the legacy of Christian Judeophobia and the empire's official rhetoric on the Jew fueled popular anti-Jewish prejudices.
The idea of the barbaric Tartar whip and Czarist knout in The Secret Agent and Under Western Eyes (1911) recurs in The Magic Mountain (1924) when the liberal Settembrini, referring to the notorious prison in St.
The debates whether or not the individuals living in the czarist empire should be called "subjects" or "citizens" and what rights and obligations Russian citizenship entailed, seems less relevant for the present study than what the author dubs "the citizenship boundary" between citizens and foreigners (p.
Given the corruption and decadence of the Czarist Russia and the appalling economic and political chaos it presided over, it was a matter of time before it collapsed under its own dead weight.
To best tax this burgeoning economy, the czarist state gathered data on all partnerships and joint-stock companies, including data on industry sector, team size and membership, firm location and how much capital it had raised.
Scholars of a certain bent will say this return to czarist form is built into Russian character.