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of or relating to or characteristic of a czar

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Two of its recurring themes are the arbitrariness of czarist rule and the absurdities of Russian bureaucracy during the reign of Nicholas I.
The EU's 21st-century dream now confronts the 19th-century Czarist bear, flashing its atavistic claws on the Russia-Ukraine border.
Conrad and Mann explored the despotic pathology of Czarist Russia and Nazi Germany, and embodied contemporary political events in their tormented characters.
The debates whether or not the individuals living in the czarist empire should be called "subjects" or "citizens" and what rights and obligations Russian citizenship entailed, seems less relevant for the present study than what the author dubs "the citizenship boundary" between citizens and foreigners (p.
Given the corruption and decadence of the Czarist Russia and the appalling economic and political chaos it presided over, it was a matter of time before it collapsed under its own dead weight.
Perhaps this neat apotheosis owes to Nevelson's self-presentation: Her turbaned head and shellacked face, her mink-adorned eyelashes and rich caftans could only contribute to a hagiography that was established early on through tales of her birth in czarist Ukraine and was even more widely embraced in the years after the artist's death, in 1988.
Flags of USA, Czarist Russia, and the post-Communist regime are the only decorations.
Created in the 19th century, "The Protocols" was circulated in Czarist Russia and Nazi Germany and remains a staple of anti-Semitic groups.
To best tax this burgeoning economy, the czarist state gathered data on all partnerships and joint-stock companies, including data on industry sector, team size and membership, firm location and how much capital it had raised.
The emperor and his troops were poised for action Saturday on the banks of the river Nemunas in Kaunas, with more than 1,000 history buffs re-enacting Bonaparte's June 24, 1812 assault on Czarist Russia.
The Maidan is home to both Czarist, Beaux-Arts and Stalinist buildings as well as to new glass-enclosed Globus luxury mall, representing the new era.
You can imagine my delight then, to note that this year's Christmas trends will be heavily inspired by czarist Russia and the Orient.
Right-thinking guys and gals, after the rally, after raising a ruckus on the metro, why not go home, fold up your Czarist banners for next year, unlace the storm trooper boots, have a glass of wine (one), relax, and, you know, maybe procreate a bit.
Scholars of a certain bent will say this return to czarist form is built into Russian character.