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the wife or widow of a czar

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Sarhank also involved a motion to enforce an arbitral award, but Czarina predates Sarhank and is decided exclusively under the New York Convention.
When the news of Roosevelt's death reached him, he was overcome with joy, seeing it as a great turning point--history repeating itself--as when Czarina Elizabeth died during the Seven Years War in 1762.
Czarina won, which is why Nelson's forecast of 'Gunton expects to win with Allegranti' was hushed up.
No longer receptionist and data typist, Linda is now the TT czarina.
Perhaps the most famous on display in Portland is the Rose Trellis Egg, given to the czarina in 1907.
Czarina Waltz won nicely at Lingfield last time and can repeat the feat in the Numis Securities Fillies' Rated Stakes at Sandown.
Czarina Waltz, a good half-length second to Barolo in a hot Newmarket handicap earlier this month, can go one better in the Middleham Trainers Association Handicap.
Despite hitting a flat spot going into the Dip, he picked up in good style once meeting the rising ground to beat Czarina Waltz by half-a-length.
Czarina Waltz a good half-length second to Barolo in a hot Newmarket handicap earlier this month can go one better in the Middleham Trainers Association Handicap (3.
UTAH'S PORN CZARINA, Paula Houston, says her most important job is to educate.
Shortly thereafter, he was approached by the king's nephew, soon becoming a spy and taking on an important diplomatic mission: pleading the French cause in Russia while again dressing as a woman and becoming the companion to the czarina Elisabeth.
Commentator Czarina Wilpert reconnected the debate on globalization and macro-economics to studies on migrations and micro-phenomena such as small businesses and transnational identities.
Subsidiary lines of inquiry are often raised rather than followed, leading to frustration on the part of the reader who would like to know more about, say, the uplifting "Books for the Bairns" series (commended by Queen Victoria and the Czarina of Russia) that was founded in 1896 by W.
Marina Berlusconi, nicknamed "the Czarina," vp of Fininvest, sits on the boards of Mediaset, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore and Mediolanum; Rita Cecchi Gori, invariably called "Rita Rusic" in the Italian press to underline her Croatian origin and nicknamed "the Gypsy" by her husband, heads Cecchi Gori Film and Tele Monte Carlo; Matilde Bernabei is the CEO of Lux Vide and also called "the Czarina" by her associates; Giovanna Melandri, born in New York and mother of an 8-month-old girl, is the Italian Minister of Culture and also oversees filmed entertainment and sports; and Letizia Moratti Brichetto, otherwise known as "the Iron Lady," is a former chairwoman of RAI, a former insurance broker and now chairwoman of News Corp Europe.