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Synonyms for czar

a male monarch or emperor (especially of Russia prior to 1917)

a person having great power

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Furthermore, government by czardom is not a popular notion, and for good reasons.
The red banner and sickle is no longer the national flag, though some lament the new one: a return to tricolor and the double eagle of czardom.
All that has gone before-the overthrow of Czardom in Russia, the constitutional struggle in Germany, the establishment of a Soviet Government in Hungary, the revolt against tyranny or constraint in all quarters of the globe-are only the preliminaries of the great revolution to whose support the friends of freedom must now rally everywhere.
Petersburg Academy, in the west of the vast Czardom.
To this end, Robert Conquest notes, in a review of The Gulag Archipelago the difference between the evils of the Tsars and those of the Soviet Commissars: "And, in peacetime, at the height of the [Stalinist] terror, a minimum of just under a million were executed in two years - that is, a rate about fifty thousand times as great as that of sixty years of czardom back to Nicholas I" (Ericson, 1993, p.