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Synonyms for czar

a male monarch or emperor (especially of Russia prior to 1917)

a person having great power

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Czar Aims At Offering A Complete Solution With "Czar In A Box" This box comes with design boards for desktop, mobile and tablet which, along with the magic elements enable the designer to create wireframes of the design and plan the designs before they start developing websites using Czar.
Indeed, even former czars have trouble with the definition; as former Homeland Security Adviser Fran Townsend once noted: "I'm not sure what a czar is, or what it does" (Newsmax 2009).
Produkin-Gorski was able to benefit from the generous financial support of the Czar, importing photographic equipment from Europe including a dark room which travelled with him as he crossed Russia's vast terrain.
Though the czars have become an easy target of conservative criticism during the Obama years, it is a fact that presidents of both parties have made use of them.
Certainly hundreds, but if the letters of the czar are originals, then we are talking many thousands of pounds.
With nearly two dozen new czars, President Obama has set a new record for cooks in a Kitchen Cabinet.
With czars for bank bailouts, the auto industry, the environment, border security, cyberspace and several more areas, it is fair to ask whether Mr.
Stolypin was assassinated in 1911, possibly by conservative monarchists who feared his hold on the czar.
Eventually, a dispute between Czar and the Heaths arose over payment and timing of work.
The bones of Czar Nicholas II, wife Alexandra, daughters, Olga, 22, Tatyana, 21, and one other princess, were discovered in 1991.
The film concludes that the Department of Kurdish Affairs existed in Russia's Ministry of Interior at the time of the Czar in 1915.
He finally named a new manufacturing czar, William "Woody" Sutton, and has a hardnosed trade negotiator, Susan Schwab, who knows how to play hardball, I'm told.
The so-called "war czar", Lute joined a cast of "czars" proliferating at all levels of government: Katrina-relief czars, intelligence czars, health care czars, energy czars, AIDS czars and economic czars.
The LAPD would get a gang czar and the city its own Most Wanted list under a highly anticipated plan being released today by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for quelling a surge in gang violence.