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any substance that has a toxic effect on cells

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Upon internalization of the ADC, the antibody-bound cytotoxins are released intracellularly, leading to programmed tumor cell death.
Mosaicism in vacuolating cytotoxin alleles of Helicobacter pylori or Association of specific vacA types with cytotoxin production and peptic ulceration.
22) The kind of cell death induced by the pure cytotoxin was verified by flux cytometry analysis assay (annexin V-FITC Apoptosis Detection Kit I; BD Biosciences Pharmingen).
Synergism between cytotoxin P4 from the snake venom of Naja nigricollis nigricollis and various phospholipases.
Immune traits were contain of white blood cell (WBC), granulocyte, lymphocyte, monocyte (MO), rate of cytotoxin in monocyte (MC) and CD4/CD8 T lymphocyte subpopulations, All blood samples were directly injected into VACUETTE Serum Clot Activator tubes for detection of blood parameters and T lymphocyte subpopulations; All these hematological parameters were measured by MEK-6318K type full automatic Hematology Analyzer (Nihon Kohden, Tokyo, Japan).
These include the life and works of Lourdes Cruz (discoverer of cytotoxin from Conus snail), Gregorio Zara (inventor of the videophone) and Arturo Alcaraz (the birth of geothermal energy industry).
Capabilities include specialist cytotoxin handling, HPLC, ELISA and Gel electrophoresis, along with development and preparative scale chromatography and cross flow/normal flow filtration systems.
Bouthiller, who is undergoing alternating rounds of Adrianyacin and cytotoxin, and will soon explore the next phase of her action plan - which requires four rounds of the chemotherapy drug Taxol, may include a double mastectomy and will most likely necessitate radiation - the prospect is daunting but she takes it one day at a time.
GenSpera's technology platform combines a powerful, plant-derived cytotoxin (thapsigargin) with a prodrug delivery system that targets release of the drug within the tumor.
7) This antibody represents a useful candidate for development of targeted radioimmunotherapy or cytotoxin therapy for the neovasculature of glioblastoma and other cancers.
Characterization of and human serologic response to proteins in Helicobacter pylori broth culture supernatants with vacuolizing cytotoxin activity.
pylori in acidic stomach is dependent on urease which is an important virulence factor for gastritis2 along with cag pathogenicity island (cag PAI) vacuolation cytotoxin, and cytotoxin associated gene A (Cag A) protein.
The toxins are pro-inflammatory enterotoxins, but toxin B is a more potent cytotoxin.
The cytotoxin associated gene A (cagA) was the first to be identified; about 60-70 per cent of H.
4] receptors were expressed excessive on H-RS cells and these cells are susceptible significantly to cytotoxin effects of IL4 [6].