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the use of chemical agents to treat or control disease (or mental illness)

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The contract is: Delivery of antibiotics, general, cytostatic, anti-tuberculosis, immunomodulatory drugs, narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs imported target fluids for intravenous infusion, serums and vaccines, preparations for parenteral nutrition, dojelitego, pharmaceutical raw materials.
Cytostatic hormone therapies formed the other major drug class in the global cancer market, which was led by cytostatic aromatase inhibitors, cytostatic gonad hormone analogs and cytostatic anti-androgens.
ViroStatics has developed a proprietary screening methodology to rapidly and efficiently identify cytostatic agents with potential to control the over-stimulation of the immune system that is believed to drive the progression of HIV to AIDS.
10: Competitive dynamics of the major cytostatic hormonal therapy classes in the global
The contract is "Supply of cytostatic drugs"; "Delivery of preparation for skin disinfection.
Part 2 81 dB drug-coated stent cytostatic 40% (cytostatic drug eluting stent)
The cytostatic hormonals market, which has benefited from strong growth over the previous five years, no longer appears to be the growth driver it once was, as generic competition and a lack of innovation reduces prospects for growth.
Due to the cytostatic nature of several MTTs, significant tumor regressions will likely be achieved when combined with cytotoxics.
Additional clinical evidence of the combined efficacy of highly biocompatible and thromboresistant Carbofilm(TM) coating together with the "smart" drug Tacrolimus (a proven cytostatic drug, which selectively inhibits smooth muscle cells proliferation and migration, while permitting enhanced re-endothelialization of the stent) will be provided by the European clinical trial MASTER (Multicenter randomized clinical trial to evaluate JAnuS Flex Tacrolimus Eluting CaRbostent as compared to Taxus Paclitaxel eluting stent in AMI patients).
Contract notice: Supply of sterile surgical kits, drapes, surgical gowns, films operational needs of the operating, disposable underwear and personal protective equipment and gloves for cytostatic provincial laboratory of drug jelenia gEra valley hospital center in jelenia gora, according to a list asortymentowo- quantitative (appendix 1) and i divided into 17 tasks.
Over the last six years, Brian has focused on oncology clinical development of novel cytostatic, cytotoxic and immunological agents, achieving Awards for Excellence from both employers.
The subject of the tender is the supply of 3 pieces of UV boxes for PCR and 1 piece Biohazard II for cytostatic agents, all the science lab project partners BIOCEV.
Tenders are invited for Delivery Beds Intended For Parents And Patients Infusion Pumps To Administer Medicines Cytostatic - 2 Tasks
RP101 is intended as co-treatment with cytostatic drugs to prevent the development of resistance to chemotherapy.