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the aqueous part of the cytoplasm within which various particles and organelles are suspended

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The thing is, dopamine is a very reactive molecule when it isn't packaged by VMAT-2, and when it autooxidizes in the presynaptic cytosol, it can actually damage the presynaptic terminal.
sup][17],[18],[19],[20] When the construct PE38 translocates into cytosol, it transforms to components including AA280-364 and AA381-613 with only one cysteine residue at position 287.
5, 5 and 10 [micro]M) exhibiting green fluorescence indicated release of cytochrome c from mitochondria into cytosol.
It has been reported that Nrf2 is an important downstream target of PI3K/Akt activation that can lead to Nrf2 translocation from cytosol into nucleus and thus activate the ARE/HO-1 pathway [31, 32].
1A); and a model in which cAMP levels near the plasma membrane readily equilibrate, but the flux between the near-membrane compartment (C1) and the bulk cytosol (C2) is markedly hindered (Fig.
1999) concluded that in cytosol the metabolic in-efficiency and in-stability of pDNA caused hurdles and obstacles and reduced the efficiency of gene delivery system.
Antibodies were originally thought to offer only extracellular protection and were helpless against the virus once it had entered the cytosol of a cell.
According to previous reports, lactate, formate, ethanol and succinate were formed in the cytosol of anaerobic fungi, and acetate, formate and [H.
In both cases if a cell becomes initiated by either extracellular stimuli or intracellular signals, outer mitochondrial membranes become permeable to interneal cytochrome c, which is then released into the cytosol.
The present article describes the mechanism of formation of reactive oxyradicals within mitochondria and then explains how these can initiate mitochondrial biogenesis program and activate various transcriptional factors in the cytosol to boost up the antioxidative capacity of the mitochondria and the cell.
Under normal physiological conditions, the cytosol, the nucleus, and the mitochondrial matrix space maintain homeostatic conditions in favor of a highly reducing environment (Cannon and Remington 2008).
Enzymes ALT and AST locate in cellular cytosol, cellular increase evidences deep disorders of cytoplasmic membranes of tubular epithelium with release of cytosol components into channels lumen (Mavlyanov, Akbarova and Khabilova, 2009; Nickolas, Barasch and Devarajan, 2008).
The literature indicates that propolis induces apoptosis through the release of cytochrome c from mitochondria to the cytosol.
The role of buffer in cytosol of fibroblasts cell with calcium diffusion has been discussed by M.
In order for cell intoxication to occur, the A subunit (or, more specifically, CTA1) needs to be transported to the cytosol to induce the activity of adenylate cyclase (AC).