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the aqueous part of the cytoplasm within which various particles and organelles are suspended

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Heme is a biomolecule primarily synthesized in the mitochondria, contributes to both pro-oxidant and anti-oxidant activities emphasizing its dual function, and interacts with various apo-proteins which give rise to functional heme-proteins involved in a number of biochemical pro cesses mostly found in the cytosol (Bai and Cederbaum 2001; Balla et al.
1A); and a model in which cAMP levels near the plasma membrane readily equilibrate, but the flux between the near-membrane compartment (C1) and the bulk cytosol (C2) is markedly hindered (Fig.
In the present study, succinate was detected in lower amounts than [alpha]-ketoglutarate in anaerobic fungal monoculture, suggesting that the reductive branch was less active than the oxidative branch of the TCA cycle in the cytosol of fungal monoculture.
specifically targeted to the cytosol or mitochondria, respectively) was incubated for 4 hr (at 37 [degrees]C in 5% C[O.
The present article describes the mechanism of formation of reactive oxyradicals within mitochondria and then explains how these can initiate mitochondrial biogenesis program and activate various transcriptional factors in the cytosol to boost up the antioxidative capacity of the mitochondria and the cell.
The literature indicates that propolis induces apoptosis through the release of cytochrome c from mitochondria to the cytosol.
The role of buffer in cytosol of fibroblasts cell with calcium diffusion has been discussed by M.
In order for cell intoxication to occur, the A subunit (or, more specifically, CTA1) needs to be transported to the cytosol to induce the activity of adenylate cyclase (AC).
For instance, in the sea of the cell, the cytosol, pH is regulated to be about 7.
It is present in both the cytosol and mitochondria, with the latter serving as a reservoir to maintain a normal concentration of cytosolic acetyl-CoA carboxylase [13].
non-receptor TKs in the cytosol, nucleus, and on the inner surface of the cell membrane.
He does however limit discussion to the prominent systems, which include immobilized enzymes, membrane integrated enzymes and transport systems, and enzymes on boundary layers between the aqueous solution of the cytosol and the membrane.
This will release a proton and acidify the cytosol.
One adjuvant that enhances T-cell activation is mammalian cytosol from dying or damaged cells.
Breast milk, breast cyst fluid, ovarian cancer ascites, and CVF contained the highest concentrations of KLKS, with lower concentrations found in seminal plasma, follicular fluid, breast cancer cytosol, amniotic fluid, saliva, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), and urine.