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a microscopic network of actin filaments and microtubules in the cytoplasm of many living cells that gives the cell shape and coherence

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Scientists, including cell biologist Alexander Bershadsky at the National University of Singapore, had amassed evidence that the cytoskeleton enabled cells to distinguish right from left.
The literature has the data on the cytoskeleton stiffness effect on the membrane tank size.
The cytoskeleton is so-called because it gives a cell its shape and form, but more relevantly serves a wide range of functions that actively contribute to the ability of a cell to survive, to move, and to divide.
gondii hijack the calcium-regulated enzyme calpain from host cells and use it to break down host cytoskeleton.
For example, chapter 11 describes assembly of the cellular cytoskeleton, while chapter 12 describes the mechanisms used by pathogenic bacteria to manipulate the cytoskeleton.
Thus we conclude that PA utilizes Lyn to rearrange cytoskeleton for invasion and blocking this pathway prevents its internalization.
They used SS2 to identify regions of sucrose synthase that bind to actin, a filamentous protein that's part of the cytoskeleton used by plant cells when dividing and elongating.
This may provide a useful model to study steroid hormone regulation of cytoskeleton in responsive human tumor cells.
But most of the recovery genes Samson identified are involved with functions such as cytoskeleton remodeling, protein degradation, RNA synthesis, and lipid metabolism.
Smooth muscle cells possess the contractile apparatus of actin and myosin filaments and the cytoskeleton with the membrane skeleton, which provides the interface between the contractile machinery on the inside of the cell and the extracellular matrix on the outside, to which force must be transmitted.
The list of Z-Fish[TM] antibodies includes targets used in apoptosis and autophagy, cell cycle control, cytoskeleton, glucose and energy metabolism, signal transduction, and immunity research.
Understanding how actin is distributed between these structures is critical to understand the biology and mechanics of the actin cytoskeleton and therefore its role in processes ranging from morphogenesis and cell division to endocytosis and polarization.
The rationale behind its development was to destroy that half of a cancer cell's cytoskeleton that the anti-mitotic drugs didn't target.
TJ are complex protein structures comprised of transmembrane proteins, which interact with the actin cytoskeleton via plaque proteins.
The researchers were investigating the signalling molecules that regulate the actin cytoskeleton, which serves as the structural framework of synapses.