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a substance that partly or completely destroys animal cells

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Molecular detection of aggregation substance, enterococcal surface protein, and cytolysin genes and in vitro adhesion to urinary catheters of E.
On the basis of present research study it was observed that pneumolysin belongs to the group of protein named as thiol-activated cytolysin.
Helicobacter pylori pore-forming cytolysin orthologue TlyA possesses in vitro hemolytic activity and has a role in colonization of the gastric mucosa.
faecalis; gelE, extracellular metalloendopeptidase (gelatinase) for both species; hyl, hyaluronidase for both species; cylA, activation of cytolysin (hemolysin/class I.
Pazos (1994) Effects of different factors on the hemolytic activity of a cytolysin from Stichodactyla helianthus.
It produces a toxin (vaginolysin), which is a cholesterol dependent cytolysin (CDC).
Selected Efs and Efm isolates were evaluatedfor the expression of three virulencefactors: gelatinase, cytolysin (hemolysin), and bacteriocin.
One of the three S milleri subtypes, S intermedius, has been shown to produce a human-specific cytolysin called intermedilysin.
Low density lipoprotein inactivates Vibrio vulnificus cytolysin through the oligomerization of toxin monomer.
In addition to the core cytolysin domain involved in assembly and membrane-spanning, VCC has an N-terminal pro-domain that locks the oligomerization domain in an inactive conformation and two contiguous lectin domains at the C-terminus (13).
Cloning, expression, and pore-forming properties of mature and precursor forms of pleurotolysin, a sphingomyelin-specific two-component cytolysin from the edible mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus.
Long E coenaesthesis (the vital sense) Long I cytolysin, polyisocyanate Long O dissocioscope
Pneumolysin is a cytolysin produced by Streptococcus pneumoniae that binds to cholesterol in host cell membranes and forms pores.
Listeriolysin O: a Genuine Cytolysin Optimized for an Intracellular Parasite.