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the branch of biology that studies the structure and function of cells

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The inclusion of anal cytology in the CAP NGC educational slide program allows more cytologists the opportunity to view these specimens, even if not part of their routine practice.
When the patient's mucin was placed on slides for cytologists to analyze, no cancer cells or malignancy of any kind could be found.
Cytologists from China, Japan, and elsewhere who specialize in the study of pancreatic cells find themselves less convinced that Whipple surgery should always be performed on patients whose slow-growing tumors might never catch up with them in their life spans.
As for the suggestions that cytologists - the people who assess the smears - are poorly-paid and demotivated.
My first inclination would have been to question the Pap techniques and cytologists involved.
The starting salaries for cytologists is pounds 10,843 and for medical technical officers pounds 10,090.
This would be on top of the 500,000 now called back for further tests because their smears are found to be abnormal, said consultant pathologist Dr Jane Johnson, president of the British Society of Clinical Cytologists.
Eileen Hewer, president of the National Association of Cytologists, said: "We've had some unfortunate incidents in the past and I think we have addressed those issues.
That couldn't have happened in Woods Hole, however, had there not been in this place a large group of distinguished cytologists, including McClung and Wilson, whose researches on chromosomes had made it possible.
The research was subsequently bolstered by studies from cytologists providing evidence that an HPV was present in cervical dysplasia, a precursor lesion to cervical cancer and the basis of the Pap smear.
The ideal optical properties of the microfilters, transparency, and non-fluorescence allow cytologists to observe fine cellular details of CTCs and CAMLs with high contrast, providing well-defined microscope images," said Cha-Mei Tang, Sc.
The major conclusion of this article is that cytologists should not use indeterminate diagnoses for nodules smaller than 1 cm unless they have features of papillary carcinoma.
The widespread and conspicuous simple thalloid liverwort Pallavacinia was a favorite subject of the early cytologists who described quadrilobing of the sporocyte and the quadripolar origin of the spindle (e.
By their use of microscopy and flow cytometry, pathologists and cytologists have already adopted a single-cell perspective in evaluating diseases and responses to therapy.
So, all the medical technologists, laboratory technicians, microbiologists, virologists, cytologists, toxicologists, and phlebotomists, along with scores of laboratory managers and department supervisors, as well as the ranks of medical directors and pathologists, packed drinks and sandwiches, grabbed kites and blankets, and trooped off to their special party--a picnic.