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a biologist who studies the structure and function of cells

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This is then examined in the usual way under a microscope by a cytologist.
papnet Testing System: a computer system that selects the 128 worst cells obtained by the Pap test for evaluation by a cytologist.
The editors are two pathologists and a cytologist based in Australia.
microbiologist Eleanor Alexander-Jackson, cell cytologist Irene Diller, and renowned biochemist Florence Siebert.
Julie Prather and Laurie Graham have come up with a unique answer to the age-old question of what sort of business partnership can bring satisfaction and - hopefully - profits, to a cytologist and a molecular biologist.
In most cases of benign or malignant disease, the cytologist suggested a diagnosis, which was also recorded.
Secondly, the slide is much clearer and easier to read for the cytologist which means there is less chance of early-stage cancers slipping through the net.
When a cytologist finds no malignant cells in a sample of the pancreatic juice or tissue obtained from a mucinous tumor, the elderly patient who has been advised to undergo a Whipple procedure faces a dilemma and major life decision.
Recently, Ochoa teamed up with cytologist William P.
The statements of the chemist, for example, based on one approach, and those of the cytologist, based on another, should not contradict each other.
The new system, called Papnet, helps the cytologist enormously.
EMILY MORTON: Her cytologist mum Kathryn was working at Stirling Royal tending the casualties before she realised her curly-haired daughter was one of the victims.
But in November 1994, Ukrainian cytologist Alexei Gostyev concluded that minimal exposure to radiation has had a a much more alarming effect on human, animal, and plant chromosomes than previously thought.
In a 1988 article unironically titled "The Importance of Feminist Critique for Contemporary Cell Biology," the group refers first to a popularized physiology text written in 1890, and then to a paper by cytologist C.
Then, "if fine-needle aspiration is as good at sampling [as biopsy] -- and in the hands of a competent cytologist it may well be -- it would be far less invasive," he says.