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the branch of biology that studies the structure and function of cells

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In summary, the results of this prospective study suggest that HIV-infected women undergoing long-term clinical follow-up who are cytologically normal and oncogenic HPV-negative have a risk of cervical precancer similar to that in HIV-uninfected women through 5 years of follow-up.
The concept of SLNB is appealing to surgeons and patients, and the identification and biopsy of SLNs has largely replaced ALNC for patients with clinically and cytologically tumour-free lymph nodes [5].
The end diagnosis made by conventional TBNA was tuberculosis in 13 of 20 cases (65%) cytologically [24], whereas in our study the diagnostic value of EBUS TBNA was 60% in tuberculosis (6 out of 10).
The most consistently observed geographical variation concerns the prevalence of HPV-16 relative to non-HPV-16 types in cytologically normal women.
In countries with well-organised cytologically based cervical screening programmes (such as Mexico, Columbia and many developed nations), the reduction in the incidence of and mortality from cervical cancer has been dramatic.
Benign osteoblastoma was independently described for the first time by Jaffe and Lichfenstein in 1956 as a vascular, osteoid and bone-forming tumour cytologically characterized by osteoblasts (1-2).
14 cases were malignant by cytological examination, confirmed hislopathologically as malignant, 132 cases were benign cytologically, by histopathological examination 130 cases were benign and two cases were malignant (false negative) figure 1A, B, 4 cases were suspicious cytologically, proved to be malignant by histopathology.
Kaplan, however, found that 2% to 3% of cytologically benign nodules were malignant in pathology reports, and 2% to 5% of cytologically malignant nodules had been found benign in histologic studies (13).
In a similar way, he examined liver tissue, demonstrating that cells assumed to be all the "same" were biochemically and cytologically different.
Histologically, sections of the solid portions of the tumor revealed a proliferation of cytologically benign, mitotically inactive, smooth muscle cells that focally demonstrated a whorled pattern as is typical of a "garden variety" leiomyoma.
There were no abnormal findings of clinical examination among the customs officers we examined cytologically.
Whether condom use might be helpful in decreasing the number of latent HPV infections in HPV-positive cytologically normal women is currently under investigation (p.
As for continued screening, the task force recommends that women be screened annually until a specified number of screens--usually two or three--are found to be cytologically normal.
In this particular case we found lesions on the ribs that were radiologically and cytologically similar to the lesions of the mandible.
Only six of the wash samples were cytologically positive, and only four of these had detectable telomerase activity.