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of or relating to the science of cytology


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Diagnosis of Burkitt's lymphoma in this presented case was based on cytological examination of intraabdominal fluid obtained via paracentesis.
The invasive nature of the malignancy cannot be determined by cytological examination alone and therefore a tissue biopsy (punch biopsy or loop excision) is warranted before definitive treatment.
14 cases were malignant by cytological examination, confirmed hislopathologically as malignant, 132 cases were benign cytologically, by histopathological examination 130 cases were benign and two cases were malignant (false negative) figure 1A, B, 4 cases were suspicious cytologically, proved to be malignant by histopathology.
Cytological examination of the nipple discharge demonstrated atypical cells.
Early diagnosis of Acanthamoeba infection during routine cytological examination of cerebrospinal fluid.
Cytological examination produced a diagnosis of malignant meningitis with a diffuse large B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, consistent with a relapse of his previously treated malignancy.
A fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) was performed, and the needle-washing fluid was analyzed both by cytological examination and Tg assay (TgFNAB).
Designed as a clinical and laboratory reference, this atlas covers all aspects of the cytological examination of cerebrospinal fluid.
Transbronchial needle aspiration of a right pretracheal lymph node showed numerous lymphocytes, a reactive process, and no tumor cells on cytological examination.
Fine Needle Aspirations (FNA) are routinely performed by using a thin needle to collect cells from the nodule, followed by cytological examination of the cells.
The urine cytological examination result was negative (class 2).
Bacterial cultures and a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for Mycobacterium tuberculosis were all negative with no malignant cells on cytological examination.