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of or relating to the science of cytology


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We have presented a case of metastatic melanoma composed of a mixed population of spindle cells with nuclear grooves, and epithelioid/plasmacytoid cells without macronucleoli, which do not demonstrate the conventional diagnostic cytological features of melanoma.
There were no statistical differences in incident cervical cytological abnormalities among women with objective evidence of an STI at baseline and no infection (Table 4).
In this prospective study conducted for 3 months, no changes were observed in the severity of cytological alteration in continuous wear RGP contact lens wearing eyes.
9) Reassuringly, a more recent study from the UK found that although the introduction of LBC decreased cytological glandular neoplasia referrals, this did not happen at the expense of missing pre-invasive and invasive cancers.
A semiquantitative cytological evaluation of normal and pathological samples from the external ear canal of dogs and cats.
Many of these women infected with HPV were found to carry oncogenic genotypes, even when cytological evaluation showed normal results.
For cytological analyses, root tips were fixed in 3:1 absolute ethanol and glacial acetic acid and stored in 70% ethanol in refrigerator.
In this article, we review the cytological and taxonomic literature to address four major issues regarding chromosome evolution in Carex: (1) chromosome structure, (2) mechanisms of chromosome evolution, (3) phylogenetic patterns of chromosome evolution, and (4) evidence for chromosomal speciation in the genus.
The following study was carried out in order to evaluate its practicality and effective-ness by using both cytological and his topthological examination.
We offer our biomedical research customers a complete solution, from sample preparation to cell separation, cell analysis, cytological and molecular analysis.
This intraductal papilloma exhibited cytological and architectural atypia on histopathological evaluation--as evidenced by the presence of delicate fibrovascular stalks and foci of atypical ductal hyperplasia (Figure 3A).
These women were derived from the ongoing routine out patient cytological screening in progress at Queen Mary's Hospital of the University.
The Cyto-Tek Cytocentrifuge is a benchtop unit for cytological specimens that transfers cells from fluids to glass slides for microscopic examination.
This is particularly true of cytological examinations of urine cytology, where many low-grade papillary lesions are often missed.
1), recommendations made in the Consensus Guidelines for the Management of Women With Cervical Cytological Abnormalities were misstated.