cytologic specimen

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a specimen used for cytologic examination and diagnosis

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Validation of commonly used immunostains on cell-transferred cytologic specimens.
These 2 cases raise the issue of overinterpreting squamous dysplasia in cytologic specimens as squamous cell carcinoma.
Since that time, atypical has spread in use to all cytologic specimens, gynecologic and nongynecologic.
Cytology reports may be the format through which pathologists record pathologist-procured FNA clinic visits and are often the only record of immediate microscopic evaluation of a cytologic specimen for adequacy.
Atypical squamous epithelium in cytologic specimens from the pancreas: cytological differential diagnosis and clinical implications.
We compared the staining profiles of 2 antibody cocktails, DG3 + CK5/napsin A and p40/TTF-1, in diagnosing NSCLC on tissue microarray, surgical, and cytologic specimens (Figures 1 and 2).
All of these will be used for exploration, and because of their controlled manipulability, the physician will be able to obtain cytologic specimens with instruments inserted through them.
Cytologic specimens not only provide a method for immediate confirmation of needle placement within a lesion, but also provide cytologic detail that is sometimes superior to that seen in core biopsies.
The authors conclude, "We have demonstrated the ThinPrep methanol fixation fluid-based collection of cervical cytologic specimens preserves cellular contents that are useful for detailed molecular analysis.
It offers a standardized specimen-preparation method for a variety of cytologic specimens that minimizes cell loss and preserves morphologic detail for clinical diagnosis.
8,9) These crystals can be seen in cytologic specimens as well as in tissues.
We applied this strategy for rapid diagnosis of high-risk HPV infection to 50 cytologic specimens from women with suspected HPV infection and compared the results with those obtained by conventional PCR-ELISA.
Keratinization is also a distinctive feature in cytologic specimens, as the Papanicolaou stain keratinization appears orange to brilliantly yellow or red (Figure 5, A).
Of 5 false positives, 3 were cytologic specimens, which seem to show lower specificity.
ThinPrep Processor clinical trials demonstrate an increased detection rate of abnormal cervical cytologic specimens.