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organic process consisting of the division of the cytoplasm of a cell following karyokinesis bringing about the separation into two daughter cells

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Quadilobing in certain liverworts is preceded by pre-meiotic bands of microtubules marking the future cytokinetic planes before the nucleus enters prophase I (Fig.
The PPB is component of the cytokinetic apparatus (Gunning, 1982) that marks and prepares the future division site.
In these liverworts and the early divergent marchantiod liverwort Blasia, quadripolarity is initiated by pre-meiotic bands of cortical microtubules that mark the sites of cytoplasmic infurrowing and the eventual cytokinetic planes (Brown & Lemmon, 2006).
In all jungermanniopsid liverworts investigated, the expression of quadripolarity is initiated in sporocytes just entering the meiotic pathway by premeiotic bands of microtubules that define the future cytokinetic planes and result in deeply quadrilobed cytoplasm.
Pulmonary response of mice to fiberglass: cytokinetic and biochemical studies.
The fundamental role of the QMS establishes ail aspects of division quadripolarity; it determines the future cytokinetic planes and spindle orientation for both meiosis I and II.
The cytokinetic apparatus in meiosis: Control of division plane in the absence of a preprophase band of microtubules, pp 259-272.
Contractility has evolved from simple cytokinetic events in prokaryotic life to include muscle contractility and more complex intracellular events in higher eukaryotic organisms where contractile tissues play a role in a variety of physiologic processes including cardiac contractility, blood pressure maintenance, airflow regulation, and bladder control.
Cytokinetic and cytogenetic effect of agricultural chemicals on human lymphoid cells in vitro.
Similarly, these advanced charophytes exhibit a distinctly land-plant ("embryophytic") pattern of mitotic and cytokinetic events, including, an open mitosis with a persistent, interzonal spindle (the daughter mitotic nuclei remaining separated at a distance) and a phragmoplast (spindle fiber remnants perpendicular to the cytokinetic plane and associated golgi-derived vesicles; el.