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the branch of biology that studies the cellular aspects of heredity (especially the chromosomes)

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Looking ahead, MDS diagnosis and treatment can be improved through education that addresses the challenges the disease poses for pathologists, hematologists, cytogeneticists, and other healthcare professionals.
Further, analysis and detection of subtle abnormalities can be subject to the expertise of cytogeneticist.
Barbara McClintock, the 1983 Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine, was an American scientist and one of the world's most distinguished cytogeneticists.
Hewitt, who had been a visiting researcher at the Australian National University at White's Department, and orthopterists and cytogeneticists Alejo Mesa and Amilton Ferreira, both having been students of White at Melbourne.
Solid tissue culture for cytogenetic analysis: a collaborative survey for the Association of Clinical Cytogeneticists.
Cytogeneticists find both deletion and recombination maps useful first, for selection of suitable probes for use with homoeologous chromosomes from related species and second, to assist in planning strategies for the efficient transfer of useful genes from alien chromosomes to wheat.
SKY displays all chromosomes in different colors which lets cytogeneticists more accurately identify translocations, marker chromosomes and other aberrations.
Whereas cytogeneticists, systematists, and plant breeders continued uncritically with genome analysis, it is worth noting that geneticists were perfectly aware of the shortcomings of the method.
Clinical cytogeneticists demonstrate competence to provide cytogenetic laboratory diagnostic and clinical interpretive services.
With its superior imaging and analysis capabilities, ASI provides state-of-the-art diagnostic aids, offering cytogeneticists and pathologists accurate biomedical analysis.
All cases were assessed by expert pathologists or cytogeneticists.
The GenASIs advanced cytogenetic and pathology platforms are the foundation of ASI's offering, ASI provides diagnostic aids, offering cytogeneticists and pathologists biomedical analysis.