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Estimated CR rates, and time to first CR or RD according to molecular-cytogenetic abnormalities Groups Cytogenetic CR rates Time to RD rate or aberrations (%) achieve early death CR in the first (months) 3 months High risk t(9;22)/bcr-abl 60% 2.
When the child was one day of age, we received a peripheral blood sample in lithium heparin for routine cytogenetic analysis (conventional karyotyping).
Among human studies, those using cytogenetic end-points as biomarker, have found most frequent application in investigations on the effects of air pollution.
International Standing Committee on Human Cytogenetic Nomenclature.
Our results indicate that methylphenidate- and amphetamine-based products do not induce cytogenetic damage in children," said Kristine L.
In industrialised countries, newer technologies such as QF-PCR are considered as optional extras to routine cytogenetic analysis for prenatal diagnosis.
These second-generation tyrosine kinase inhibitors (see Table 1 for targets) form tighter molecular bonds, overcoming imatinib resistance in many patients and producing durable hematologic and cytogenetic remissions.
Among imatinib-intolerant patients with chronic CML, 73% (49 of 67 patients) achieved major cytogenetic responses with dasatinib, a response rate double that of imatinib-resistant patients.
From the archives of 15 laboratories we gathered cytogenetic records of 11,834 subjects who were free of cancer at the moment of blood drawing and who underwent cytogenetic examination for preventive purposes in the Czech Republic during 1975-2000.
A series of studies has helped to shed light on when cytogenetic profiles and preimplantation genetic diagnosis should be ordered for women with recurrent miscarriages.
As part of the agreement, Avalon will provide Aventis with a subset of its library of more than 200 identified amplicons (regions of chromosomal amplification) that have been discovered through cytogenetic analysis.
In clinical trials conducted in patients with chronic phase CML after interferon failure, close to 90 per cent of patients had white blood cell counts return to normal and approximately 50 per cent had a major cytogenetic response (measure of the percentage of cells that are positive for the Philadelphia (Ph) chromosome, a common marker for CML).
Most of the favorable and unfavorable prognostic groups of B-cell precursor ALL can be identified by their cytogenetic karyotype or molecular features (8).
Wright's group concludes that cells irradiated with alpha particles "transmit to their daughter cells some chromosomal instability that may result in one or more visible cytogenetic aberrations many cell cycles later.