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Synonyms for cystolith

a calculus formed in the bladder

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Inflorescences are loose; subtending floral leaves have a sparse covering of capitate-sessile glandular trichomes; perigonal bracts have relatively few capitate-stalked glandular trichomes and many cystolith trichomes.
1992) was performed mid ventral laprotomy followed by cystotomy and removed rhomboid shape cystolith.
A chance finding and successful removal of a large solitary cystolith in a bitch while operating for pyometra has been reported by Ranganath et al.
This report describes clinical, radiographic, ultrasonographic findings and chemical composition of urethral and cystoliths in a pug and its successful surgical management.
A study evaluating the morpho-anatomical features of leaves of different mulberry cultivars fed to domestic silkworms found that higher amounts of idioblasts, cystoliths, and epidermis, as well as a lower proportion of parenchyma, were the least desirable characteristics (Okamoto and Rodella, 2006).