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inflammation of the urinary bladder and ureters

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Role of cystitis cystica et glandularis and intestinal metaplasia in development of bladder carcinoma.
We refer to a lesion as cystitis glandularis when there is benign glandular differentiation in the von Brunn nests, (40) while cystitis cystica is used when glandular structures show cystic dilatation.
Cystitis cystica is a benign urothelial lesion characterized by the presence of cystically dilated von Brunn nests.
Benign diverticular lesions usually involve inflammatory histologic changes, such as cystitis cystica and cystitis glandularis, tissue granuloma and cellular atypia.
Irrespective of the various histologic patterns, there is usually evidence of cystitis cystica et glandularis or surface glandular metaplasia in the adjacent benign urothelium.
This variant of urothelial bladder cancer often resembles clinical and histological features of inverted papilloma, von Brunn's nests (VBNs), cystitis cystica, nephrogenic metaplasia and sometimes usual TCC.
The nests commonly have central lumina resembling cystitis cystica.
1] Cystitis cystica occurs when von Brunn's nests grow into the lamina propria forming cysts, while cystitis glandularis describes the metaplastic change into goblet cells.