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any small spherical group of cells containing a cavity

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Histological sections stained with HandE, showed significant increase in number of large cystic and antral follicles in groups B and C respectively; however the number and size of cystic follicles were reduced after treatment with AGE.
Objective: To observe the protective effect of Nigella sativa on number of cystic follicles in Letrozole induced polycystic ovaries in mice.
The inclusion criteria for fertile women with PCOs was married women of ages between 20-40 years, presence of 12 or more cystic follicles in one or both ovaries with regular menstrual cycles.
ACTH induces differencial changes in steroidal hormone secretion in the wall of bovine antral and cystic follicles.
Bursal lesions included apoptosis and necrosis of lymphoid cells, and several cystic follicles.
2003) described cystic follicles in animals exposed daily to BPA (1 or 4 mg) from PND1 to PND10; they observed an absence of corpora lutea in animals exposed to 4 mg but not in animals exposed to 1 mg.
The pathology report mentioned the presence of the tube and the ovary, which had multiple cystic follicles and a focal area of fibrosis, and a hemorrhagic area.
On ultrasound, the gross surface area of the ovary in a PCOS patient is doubled; the volume is increased nearly threefold, and each ovary contains 20-100 cystic follicles.
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