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The World Health Organization's histologic classification of MCTs divides these tumors into 3 broad categories[4]: (1) mucinous cystic adenomas characterized by a single layer of columnar epithelium with occasional micropapillae, mild epithelial dysplasia, basally located nuclei, and no mitotic figures; (2) mucinous cystic borderline tumors, which exhibit some epithelial pseudostratification, moderate epithelial dysplasia (diffuse or focal), occasional mitoses, and irregular hyperchromatic nuclei with prominent nucleoli; and (3) noninvasive mucinous cystadenocarcinomas, which have multilayered epithelia with papillary projections with high-grade dysplasia (often focal), marked nuclear atypia, and frequent mitotic figures.
However, most mucinous cystic adenomas are unilocular, while the majority of mucinous borderline tumors and nearly all noninvasive mucinous cystadenocarcinomas are multilocular.
Epithelial denudation is frequently present and occurs more commonly in mucinous cystic adenomas and mucinous borderline tumors.
7] In the recently published series of Zamboni et al,[3] no recurrence was recorded after 3 years of follow-up following complete excision of the tumor in cases of mucinous cystic adenomas, tumors with borderline malignant potential, or mucinous cystadenocarcinomas with intratumoral invasion.