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an amino acid containing sulfur that is found in most proteins

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Effect of cysteine derivatives administration in healthy men exposed to intense resistance exercise by evaluation of pro-antioxidant ratio.
Certain facets of this organism are clearly highly dependent on cysteine proteases," says parasitologist Edward J.
Analysis of SSUrRNA, Cysteine Protease, and cyt b Genes
The role of cysteine and homocysteine in venous and arterial thrombotic disease.
Chapter One Cysteine Methyl Ester Industry Overview
Application of N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) prevented exercise-induced T-cell apoptosis completely in spleen and bone marrow, partially in lung and Peyer's patches, while it was ineffective in lymph nodes.
Dilution of plasma with a solution containing cysteine and cysteinyl-glycine produced very good linearity.
This cleavage is accomplished by a built-in molecular guillotine called a cysteine protease, which activates when the toxin encounters a molecule called InsP6 that is present at much higher levels inside the cell than outside.
Specifically, it contains an omega 3,6,9 fish oil blend, cysteine, L-glutamine, acetyl-L-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid, pine park extract, CoQ10, ginseng, echinacea, green tea and verba mate.
Cysteine-106 of DJ-1 is the most sensitive cysteine residue to hydrogen peroxide-mediated oxidation in vivo in human umbilical vein endothelial cells.
Corn plants under attack quickly accumulate a cysteine protease--a protein-slicing enzyme--surrounding the location where the caterpillars are chewing.
Cysteine is the only sulfhydryl-containing amino acid in proteins and is the thiol residue in glutathione (1).
The ICAT(R) reagents, introduced in 2001, represented the first quantitative labeling strategy for protein expression analysis using LC/MS approaches (ESI and MALDI) with a specific focus on quantifying only proteins that contained the amino acid cysteine.
In early Oct, Wacker transferred responsibility for marketing cyclodextrins, cystine and cysteine in Southeast Asia to DKSH.
They discovered that only two antioxidants, glutathione and N-acetyl cysteine worked.