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Although, frequently encountered and detected in surgical practice, its appearance as a giant epidermoid cyst on the scalp is rare.
In the following case report, one such rare case report of a giant epidermoid cyst on the scalp is presented.
Two German pathologists, Kosmahl and Kloppel, and their colleagues (5) in 2002 were the first to describe this type of mucinous cyst in the English-language literature.
The histologic features were similar to those described by Kosmahl et al, (5) but magnetic resonance imaging showed that this cyst communicated with the main pancreatic duct, which had not been reported previously.
Although surgical removal of cyst is the preferred treatment choice, various other treatment options, and various surgical approaches have been described, and debated.
There are three major categories of odontogenic cyst: dentigerous cysts, keratocystic odontogenic tumors, and radicular cysts.
The incidence of choledochal cyst is reported to be 1/100000-150000 in western societies, whereas it is 1/1000 in Asian societies (1).
The cereal cyst nematode is an important plant pathogenic nematode, which harms oats, barley, wheat and other temperate grain crops.
The first patient with Type-IV choledochal cyst underwent anastomosis between the secondary hepatic bile duct and jejunum and the second patient underwent laparoscopic cyst internal drainage.
Conclusion: The most common mode of clinical presentation of choledochal cyst was pain right hypochondrium with raised serum bilirubin and ALT levels.
The portion of the cyst in the right paracardiac region was 44 x 45 mm, and the portion in the left paracardiac region was 51 x 75 mm.
The cyst was adhered to the aortic arch in the left paravertebral location and was entered during surgical removal.
Conclusion: The study demonstrates that radicular cyst was the most common odontogenic cysts followed by dentigerous and odontogenic keratocysts respectively in our study sample.
Chi-square statistics were used to show the association of the cyst with the jaw.
Cyst of the orofacial region can be grouped into odontogenic and nonodontogenic, epithelial or non-epithelial, and developmental or inflammatory in origin.