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shrub or small tree of southeastern United States to West Indies and Brazil

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Locke and Cyrilla Barr (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1997).
Cyrilla racemiflora is a typical component of the wetlands ecosystem in the Southeast.
kenaica (AK) BITTERBUSH Picramnia pentandra * (FL) BURNINGBUSH Western Euonymus occidentalis * (WA, OR) CAJEPUT-TREE Melaleuca quinquenervia # (FL) CAMPHOR-TREE Cinnamomum camphora # (FL) CAPER Limber Capparis flexuosa * (FL) CASTORBEAN Ricinus communis (FL) CEANOTHUS Feltleaf Ceanothus arboreus * (CA) CEANOTHUS Greenbark Ceanothus spinosus * (CA) CHINKAPIN Allegheny Castanea pumila (NJ, PA) CHINKAPIN Ozark Castanea ozarkensis (MO, AR, OK) COCOPLUM Chrysobalanus icaco * (FL) COLUBRINA Coffee Colubrina arborescens * (FL) COLUBRINA Cuba Colubrina cubensis * (FL) CROSSOPETALUM Florida Crossopetalum rhacoma * (FL) CYRILLA Littleleaf Cyrilla racemiflora var.
The combined analysis of 18s, rbcL, and matK presented here indicates Cyrilla (Cyrillaceae) as sister to Ericaceae, but Actinidia (Actinidiaceae) is not sister to Cyrilla in this analysis.
A close reading of Cyrilla Barr's biography unveils the fullness of the author's achievement.
Callahan CYPRESS-PINE Blue, Callitris hugelii, 1994 [delta] 180 60 58 255 CYRILLA Littleleaf, Cyrilla rucemiflora var.
Ralph Locke and Cyrilla Barr (Berkeley: University of California Press, forthcoming).
Adults nectar, on blossoms of Cyrilla racemiflora L.
Locke and Cyrilla Barr [Berkeley: University of California Press, 1997],1-2.
GARDNER - Retired nurse Cyrilla Montville felt she was "on another planet" after viewing the state-of-the-art emergency room and acute care wing at Heywood Hospital.
The shrub layer is dense, with Cyrilla racemiflora, Leucotheo axillaris, Lyonia lucida, Lyonia ligustrina, Clethra alnifolia, Cliftonia monophylla, Ilex glabra, Persea palustris, Viburnum nudum, and Azalea uiscosum.
Cyrilla Barr, The Monophonic Lauda, fornisce testi ed anche molte utili informazioni secondarie, particolarmente in riferimento ai disciplinati.
The special feature will be presented by certified tea and etiquette consultant Cyrilla Gleason.
7a) Sodlice seo cwen Triphonia gesohte daes halgan sacerdes fet Iustines mid biterum tearum, biddende paes halgan fullhtes, and hire dohtor Cyrilla samod, (AECHom i 434: 18).