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Synonyms for cyprinoid

of or relating to members of fish family Cyprinidae


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Family (14) Species (23) (1) Mormyridae 1-Mormyrus caschive 2-Mormyrus bebe 3-Mormyrus cyprinoids (2) Mochokidae 1-Synodontis schall (3) Bagridae 1-Bagrus bayad 2-Bagrus domac 3-Chrysichthys auratus 4-Auchenoglanis occidentals (4) characidae 1-Alestes dentex 2-Hydrocynus forskalli 3-Alestes nurse (5) Citharinidae 1-Disticodus niloticus (6) Schilbeidae 1-Schilbe mystus (7) Cyprinidae 1-labeo niloticus 2-Labeo horii 3-Barbus bynii (8) Cichlidae 1-Oreochromis niloticus (9) Clariidae 1-Clarias lazera (10) Protopteridae 1-Protopterus aethiopicus (11) Centropomidae 1-Lates niloticus (12) Tetraodontidae 1-Tetraodon lineatus (13)Malapteroidae Malapteroidae 1-Malapterurus electricus (14) Osteoglossidae 1-Heterotis niloticus Table 2: Showed fish production in months of summer 2014.
The basins abound with target species of cyprinoids.
The second intermediate host of opisthorchis is cyprinoids, which are the host to opisthorchis population in floodplain river systems.
Cyprinoids of basins regularly migrate with the onset of flooding to the floodplain system for spawning and feeding, and return at the end of the flood to the main river channel, from where in the late autumn-early winter they move to the non-freezing part of the basin--to the outputs of groundwater from the bottom of the river, in the upper reaches of the tributaries [13].
Shellfish, cyprinoids (ide, rudd, white bream, and chub), and people are involved in opisthorchiasis parasite-host interpopulation relationship in this region.
Another point about the presence of possibly similar exposed ciliated mechanoreceptors in a variety of Asian as well African barbs is that they may have evolved independently, hence may represent an ancient recurrent adaptive feature of cyprinoids.
Number and types of hemocytes in Sunetta scripta and Villorita cyprinoids var.