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Reproductive ecology, habitat associations, and population dynamics of two imperiled cyprinids in a great plains river.
A number of studies have described infections by Myxobolus of the digestive system of freshwater fish, in particular the intestine, of cyprinids (MASOUMIAN et al.
Although the effect of P levels on P digestibility has not yet been reported for goldfish, we can assume that the same physiological mechanism may be present in the cyprinids.
Surveys conducted in 1999-2001 revealed seven additional fish species (six cyprinid, one poecillid) in southern California infected by the Asian tapeworm (Kuperman et al.
One of the interesting sidelights of the Reid study concerns the silver cyprinid fish widely consumed by Mwanzans.
To establish fish infection rate with opisthorchis metacercariae, cyprinid species were investigated.
Present study is aimed at assessing whether PCB (Aroclor 1242) had any potential to cause negative effects on certain reproductive parameters of female freshwater cyprinid fish, Cyprinion watsoni.
Comparative study of reproductive biology in single and multiple-spawner cyprinid fish, I: Morphological and histological features.
Ultrastructure of North American cyprinid maxillary barbels.
Differential diagnosis of opisthorchiid and heterophyid metacercariae (Trematoda) infecting fish of cyprinid fish from Nam Ngum Dam.
Uptake and bioaccumulation of water-borne lead (Pb) in the fingerlings of a freshwater cyprinid, Catla catla L.
They are as small as 7 millimeters and took over as the "smallest living vertebrate" from a tiny Southeast Asian cyprinid fish, which claimed the record in 2006.
The effect of light intensity of the drift of young-of-the-year cyprinid fishes.
Located defecation by pike: a response to labeling by cyprinid alarm pheromone?