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Synonyms for cyprian

a native or inhabitant of Cyprus

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of or relating to Cyprus or its people or culture

resembling the ancient orgiastic worship of Aphrodite on Cyprus

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Countryman points out that it is unclear whether Cyprian conducted this distribution himself or whether he handed the money over to the clergy.
She was renting the home under the name of Sherry Maxie and owned the home under the name of Florence Cyprian,'' said Deputy District Attorney John Portillo.
Supply of equipment for the project "Expansion of production capacity Cyprian, Ltd.
Hopefully, the event being back in the Wachusett region will allow many of the people who attended in the past to attend again, especially since Cyprian is so conveniently located near (routes) 290, 140, and 70.
The identification of an enduring Stoicism in Cyprian is one of the volume's more significant contributions.
Cyprian was elected bishop by the laypeople of his diocese against the wishes of his senior clergy.
CATHOLIC, church historian Father Cyprian Davis, O.
FIANNA Fail TD Cyprian Brady wants the Government to stick to its promise to turn a former psychiatric hospital into a health and education facility.
Cyprian in De lapsis offers insight into various Christian reactions in the Decian persecution in the third century.
An oil painting of Scott's 1836 Oaks winner Cyprian by Harry Hall, dated 1855 and signed by the artist, is expected to fetch between pounds 7,000 and pounds 9,000 at Tennants Auctioneers in Leyburn, North Yorkshire, on November 24.
The books consist of a medieval Bible, which reportedly contains the signatures and fingerprints of 14th century monks, and a text printed in Paris in 1512 which contains the works of St Cyprian and once belonged to Cuthbert Tunstall, Bishop of Durham, The Guardian reported.
Exmouth was escorting the merchant man Cyprian Prince with her cargo of searchlights,antiaircraft guns, truck,cars and ammunition for the defence of Scapa Flow.
Cyprian Vella, aged 17, who goes to Warwick School, was one of 12 British cadets to take part in glacier climbing, hiking and kayaking challenges in the Rocky Mountains.
He further might have mentioned the use of mathematics in gunnery, as described at great length in such a work as Niccolo Tartaglia's Three Books of Colloquies Concerning the Arte of Shooting Artillerie (translated by Cyprian Lucar), entered in the Stationers' Register on 30 October 1587 and published in the year of the attempted Armada invasion.
During the fourth century, however, the axiom "Outside the Church no salvation," originally applied by Cyprian to heretics and schismatics, came to be applied to Jews and pagans (89).