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The cypress tree is often mentioned in classical Persian poetry as a distinguished garden tree and occurs in a variety of metaphors (sarv-e-karaman, sarv-e-ravan, etc.
As you proceed ever deeper into the woods, you pass several of the enormous bald cypress trees.
The crash occurred on a private property and uprooted several large Leyland Cypress trees.
This submerged root system provides much of the cover around a mature cypress tree and can be well-removed from the trunk.
Using a 4" x 9" green rectangle for a cypress tree, demonstrate how to cut a triangle and the edges in a curved manner.
One cypress tree located on the bank of an island had three species while one cypress tree in the interior of the island had only one species.
3) The god Phoebus (Apollo) grants Cyparissus' wish by turning him into the cypress tree.
Few previously published dendrochronologies from the East Coast go back more than 300 years, and only one chronology -- which uses the bald cypress tree -- goes back farther than 1,000 years, he explains.
The view through the windows took in a horse corral and a bucolic hillside topped with a mature cypress tree.
In The Old House Under the Cypress Tree the Abkhazian humorist Fazil Iskander applies his talent for mythmaking and inner analysis to his childhood memories.
A rare ghost orchid growing on an ancient bald cypress tree at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary near Naples is in bloom for the second consecutive summer, this time with seven buds that will likely produce blooms visible from the Audubon sanctuary's boardwalk for the next three weeks.
Several Tennessee State Natural Areas are hosting offering free, guided hikes at Short Springs Natural Area, Hampton Creek Cove State Natural Area and Big Cypress Tree State Natural Area.
Whatever the purpose of the knees, these appendages only make the cypress tree more intriguing.
In the shadow of the magnificent Cypress tree and gardens outside the Museum of Fine Arts is Fritz the elephant -- a new model based on the stuffed one which used to stand there.
SAN DIEGO -- Paradise Point Resort & Spa, renowned for its spectacular annual Christmas tree lightings, will plant a permanent 44-foot high Leyland Cypress tree on the Mission Bay lawn at the resort that will occupy center stage at the First Christmas Tree-Lighting of the Season in San Diego, November 24 at 6:00 pm.