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They were going along conversing in this way, when they saw descending a gap between two high mountains some twenty shepherds, all clad in sheepskins of black wool, and crowned with garlands which, as afterwards appeared, were, some of them of yew, some of cypress.
There is a cross, you see, beneath yon little cypress.
She broke off a little branch of cypress and offered it to the king, who looked intoxicated with hope.
said Aramis to D'Artagnan; "the present is but a sad one, for that cypress shades a tomb.
Studying it for a minute, he concluded that it was composed of three cypress trees, and he knew that nothing else than the hand of man could have planted them there.
The cypress there and myrtle twined their boughs, Significant, in baleful brotherhood.
He replied, Each has its appropriate produce, and appointed season, during the continuance of which it is fresh and blooming, and during their absence dry and withered; to neither of which states is the cypress exposed, being always flourishing; and of this nature are the azads, or religious independents.
Here I paused, not exactly knowing what path to pursue, when I heard the sound of voices, that induced me to conceal myself under the shade of a cypress.
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