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New contribution to the Hadoop ecosystem enables graph analytic capabilities for Spark, making Cypher available to the popular in-memory analytic engine.
has acquired US-based genome informatics firm Cypher Genomics, Inc.
Cypher brings a unique solution for enhancing voice calls and enables a whole new range of applications where voice activation technology can be utilized for the Internet of Things and beyond, Moshe Sheier, director of product marketing, audio and voice at CEVA said.
Cypher said its algorithms are based on a neural network analysis of human speech, which can tell a human voice from other sound sources and isolate it.
The firm said the Cypher Digital deal makes H&H Group the largest dedicated print company in the county.
Ludacris has however denied the rumour insisting that the baby hitmaker never approached him for writing cypher.
When it was introduced in 2003, the Cypher stent was the first on the market to be drug-coated, intended to make it more effective in keeping arteries open and preventing clots.
WASHINGTON -- The investigational drug-eluting stent Endeavor did not do as well as the Cypher stent in measures of insegment late lumen loss, according to study results presented at a symposium sponsored by the Cardiovascular Research Foundation.
1994 She does her first Advocate cover, posing topless with then-partner Julie Cypher.
Sales and marketing resources of both companies will join forces to focus on promoting the CYPHER Sirolimus-eluting Coronary Stent in the United States, with an option to pursue a similar arrangement in Japan in the future.
One new approach is Dust Stop, a proprietary formulation of natural starches produced by the Canadian firm Cypher International that may prove both healthier and more effective than traditional suppressants.
has issued a letter to health care professionals to alert them to the potential risk of thrombosis associated with the use of the Cypher coronary stent.
The new Cypher Stent is coated with the drug sirolimus, which is slowly released into the stent's lining to prevent reblockage.
A MAN wanted for the murder of snooker hall boss Anne Cypher has hanged himself rather than face justice.
The firm recently retained Stephen Tinsley and Victor Cypher, both former principals of Walken-Tinsley Interests Inc.