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something that provides guidance (as Polaris guides mariners)

something that strongly attracts attention and admiration

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Cynosure expects the acquisition to effectively function as an expansion of its existing portfolio and customer base.
FDA clearance of this device marks a significant milestone in our alliance with Unilever to develop light-based devices for the consumer market," said Michael Davin, Cynosure's president and CEO of Cynosure, which is based in Westford, MA.
We are excited about the opportunity to market and sell our Elite, Apogee 5500 and Acclaim 7000 laser workstations in the fast-growing Chinese market," said Cynosure President and CEO Michael Davin.
Health Canada's authorization of MonaLisa Touch is an important regulatory milestone for Cynosure as we continue to expand the geographic reach of this innovative and efficacious aesthetic medical technology to new markets," said Cynosure CEO Michael Davin.
a 3D animation and graphic design firm, and Cynosure New Media, Inc.
Continued momentum in North America drove another quarter of strong top-line growth and increased gross margin for Cynosure," said Chief Executive Officer Michael Davin.
Jenifer Lloyd, Director of Laser Services for Lloyd Dermatology in Youngstown, Ohio, said, "We began using the Cynosure laser in 1997.
This opens the door to all of the popular cosmetic applications with reduced or no purpura," said Robert Geigerich, Cynosure Vice-President of Sales and Marketing.
This CFDA clearance further advances our strategy to establish PicoSure as a truly global brand for cosmetic medicine of the face and body," said Cynosure CEO Michael Davin.
Doctors are looking for an inexpensive, efficient vascular laser specifically to treat spider veins," said Rob Levenson, vascular product manager of Cynosure.
The certification, from Intertek Semko AB, allows Cynosure to place the "CE" Mark on SculpSure for distribution in the European Union (EU) and its member states.
Other lasers, carbon dioxide for example, heat tissue enough to cause this collagen shrinkage, but this treatment results in long healing times," said Bob Hubert, Chief Marketing Officer of Cynosure.
The Apogee by Cynosure is based on proprietary technology called Thermokinetic Selectivity(tm) (TKS), which enables the laser to safely deliver energy levels to hair follicles without harming the outer skin and without the need for external cooling.
Our North American business posted another quarter of double-digit growth, as revenues increased 47 percent year-over-year and selling prices remained stable," said Cynosure Chief Executive Officer Michael Davin.