cynipid wasp

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small solitary wasp that produces galls on oaks and other plants

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While undertaking a study in May 2001 of the insect communities associated with galls induced by cynipid wasps (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) on wild roses in northwestern Ontario, the first author spent three days during 18-21 May searching for roses near the Hudson Bay community of Fort Severn.
Galls of three species of cynipid wasps of the genus Diplolepis, all induced in the summer of 2000, were found on these plants (Table 1).
Species of a family of small insects called cynipid wasps are responsible for many of the galls, and most species attack only one, or a few closely related species of plant.
Quite a large number of species of tiny cynipid wasps cause various types of leaf and twig gall on bur oak on the prairies.
Similarly, Wilson (1995) found that cynipid wasps on Quercus garryana leaves suffered almost 100% mortality compared to controls when galls were injected with a spore suspension of a common leaf endophyte.