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having a usually flat-topped flower cluster in which the main and branch stems each end in a flower that opens before those below it or to its side

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Description: Small star-shaped flowers at the tips of cymose or paniculate branching stems.
Hermaphroditic flowers producing capsules were those in terminal positions of the main axis and axillary branches of the cymose inflorescence; in inflorescences of females, lateral flowers were more likely to mature capsules.
Whereas long shoots are indeterminate, each short shoot terminates in a cymose inflorescence (Fig.
Following mainly accepted criteria, according to which several genera provided with cymose inflorescences from the Verbenaceae family currently form part of the Labiatae family (Cantino & Sanders 1986; Cantino 1992a, 1992b; Olmstead et al.
A cymose inflorescence with successive branches on one side only, normally coiled like a spring.
semiovata, the few-flowered cymose inflorescences develop from the leaf axils.
axes distichously arranged in one plan; elongated spatulate leaves with attenuated Taxonomic Epithet Key morphological rank characters base, cryptostomata thin to large, mostly aligned on each side of the midrib, and dentate margins; vesicles supported by a long pedicel, spherical to obovoid, smooth or with a short mutro, a foliar appendage or crown, or differentiated into phyllocysts; receptacles mostly bisexual, with serrate margins and arranged in dense cymose glomerules.
Inflorescence cymose, terminal, sometimes appearing axillary due to the dominance of the closest lateral bud, (7.
They produce few-flowered cymose inflorescences that develop from the leaf axils.