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more or less flat-topped cluster of flowers in which the central or terminal flower opens first

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His now almost forgotten book was a "mine of information," Cymes said.
Capitulas light yellow, solitary, with long peduncles, terminal, arranged in loose cymes.
Malacocarpicae is traditionally recognized by the presence of smooth and cylindrical receptacles which may be arranged in cymes brush-like and pedicelate (S.
Some 35 licenses include DVDs and Soleil-published comics, Cymes says.
The authors looked at three inflorescence structures that occur in nature: the panicle, the raceme, and the cyme.
Bugle-shaped (funnel-shaped) appearing as a single flower or in small cymes.
Capitulescence axillary, in few-headed cymes in the uppermost nodes or capitula solitary; peduncles short, commonly 2-2.
At that time several plants had basal leaves and one plant retained an inflorescence in which the panicle of cymes had begun to deteriorate.
Cymes have many forms and are either dichasial or monochasial.
Close morphological study revealed that both flower perianths, staminate (campanulate) and pistillate (urceollate), as well the inflorescences in headlike cymes, show affinity with Pisonia.
Flowers occur in inflorescences of 2-4 (Jepson 1993) scorpioid cymes and contain 5, partially-fused petals that form a star-shaped, 3-6 mm-broad white corolla (Munz 1974).
Lateral cymes may then become increasingly compound and complex (as in Nelsia Schinz and Amaranthus species) (Townsend, 1993) owing to the development of the axillary bud of the prophylls of the lateral flowers of different order (Fig.
513 cm long; cymes 3-5 times divided, first branch of the inflorescence (0.
FLOWER DESCRIPTION: Bluish-pink, tiny, in cymes in leaf axils.
Description: Fragrant complex panicles or dichasial cymes of white or pinkish white florets.