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more or less flat-topped cluster of flowers in which the central or terminal flower opens first

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Daniel Desrosiers, general manager, Eaton's CYME International T&D, said, 'GridUnity continues to set new standards for innovation in distributed energy analytics software.
But in areas where the climate is less stable, this strategy may not work, and it may be more adaptive to produce racemes or cymes where only a fraction of the meristems produce flowers at any one time.
A dichasial cyme, or dichasium (die-KAY-zee-um), has two opposite divisions or branches that arise below a terminal flower.
Cooper also announced today that it has acquired Cyme International ("Cyme") of St.
Too many analysts go with the CyMe, too' research that complements the status quo," she said.
Inflorescence a reduced pair-flowered axillary cyme with 1-4 flowers; peduncle absent; bracts 3.
We also know most women think not so much in terms of Cyme,' but in terms of Cywe.
The yellow centers of heliotrope flowers usually turn purple as flowers sequentially mature on each cyme (Munz 1974).
Bracts unequal in form, 4 around flower pair of the primary cyme, the central bracts fused slightly up to halfway, the widest bract 2.
haste is best"; line 21: to gecyoanne, hwanan eowre cyme syndon: "to know, from where you come are": to gecyoanne is 'to make known, announce', a literal translation of the last four words in the line would be "whence your comings are".
Description: Tiny, waxy, orange flowers appear in rounded, umbellate cyme clusters.
In the race between Clazomenae and Cyme, the plurality of runners is explained by the requirement to offer a sacrifice at the boundary: Diodorus 15.
FLOWER DESCRIPTION: White, 1" florets forming a round 6" to 10" snowball-like cyme.
An example is the inflorescence of Gleditsia triacanthos, a system of racemes except that it is terminated by an ebracteate flower, as in a cyme.
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