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sima: the uppermost member of a full classical order, usually a cyma recta, representing a roof gutter; a cymatium.
Compound, serpentine mouldings include cyma recta, cymatium, cyma reversa and beak moulding, whose upper part is concave and lower part is convex.
margaritifera, and numbers of crabs and Cymatium spp, on spat collectors at Gizo and Noro.
clavigera, Cymatium pileare [Linnaeus] and Siphonalia fusoides [Reeve], crabs of Scylla serrata [Forskal] and Matuta iunaris [Forskal], flatworm of Stylochus orientalis Bock and fish of Therapon jarbua [Forskal]) have been documented, the prominent two are T.
Ranellidae Cymatium perryi (Emerson & Old, 1963) Gastropoda: Orthogastropoda: Heterobranchia 54.