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a shallow drinking cup with two handles


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The two new configurations are referred to as "Type A" and "Type B" and both are protected by Cylix.
The Cylix USB Protector is a fully shielded design which features protection from surge energies and electrostatic discharge and eliminates all noise components while leaving the intended signals and operation of a circuit undisturbed.
For more information please contact THE CYLIX CORPORATION, 2637 Townsgate Road #100, Westlake Village, CA 91361.
MFS) (Nasdaq: MFST) announced today that it has acquired Cylix Communications Corporation of Memphis, Tenn.
After several years of somewhat-illusory market activity, satellite-based services, typified by RCA Cylix, will become increasingly cost-effective.
After forging a distinguished career in sales and management with AT&T, he held executive positions at Cylix Communications and Motorola Codex, where he was responsible for managing sales, marketing and technical support activity for the Eastern United States.
Prior to joining Microlog, he spent five years at Cylix Communications Corporation as vice president of marketing and sales.
A year later, the satellite-based data communications network, furnished by RCA Cylix Communications Network, is playing a key role in helping the Texas-based manufacturer of industrial air conditioning duct work expand its operations.
He has held executive positions with MFS Network Technologies, a division of WorldCom, as well as Cylix Communications, after forging a distinguished career in sales and management with AT&T.
Michael Mancusi, vice president, engineering and development for the RCA Cylix Communications Network.
Jeff Miller, Vice President of Sales and Engineering for The Cylix Corporation said, "Historically, most people have associated our products with protecting equipment from the dramatic effects of nearby lightning strikes and other catastrophic events.
Eagle was also a member of the executive management team of Cylix Communications Corporation.
12, 1996--PC Service Source (NASDAQ: PCSS) Thursday announced that Paul Bruce has joined the PC Service Source subsidiary, Cylix Engineering, as vice president of business development.
MFS) (NASDAQ:MFST) Tuesday announced that it has acquired Cylix Communications Corp.