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a solid bounded by a cylindrical surface and two parallel planes (the bases)

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a surface generated by rotating a parallel line around a fixed line

a cylindrical container for oxygen or compressed air

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1998) evaluated 2 methods to present a meat-based diet to Podisus maculiventris (Say), and found that containing the diet in stretched Parafilm[R] sheets to form cylindrically shaped artificial larvae yielded better results than the gelled open form of the diet.
The problem geometry is a 3-D cylindrically symmetric domain, reduced to a 2-D domain for the simulation.
The cylindrically shaped semi-soft French cheese with an orange rind is designed to be cut into small slices for snacking or as a topping for bread and crackers.
Liquid crystals are observed most commonly in organic compounds that have cylindrically shaped (rod-like) molecules with masses of 200 to 500 u and lengths four to eight times their diameters.
This cylindrically shaped tool with a tapered section on both ends is used to expand the mouth of brass cases by hand.
Hoppers are cylindrically designed with a 60[degrees] cone to assure fast material discharge.
The tops of tombstones are surmounted by cylindrically shaped turbans for the men and by flowers or shawls for the women.
White-filled lines in this graph represent connections to these neutral middle colors, which are positioned on the value axis at the center of the cylindrically arranged hues.
Three cylindrically shaped fragments of breast tissue measuring from 0.
The softwind is compressed into a cylindrically shaped pledget that has an insertion end and a trailing end with the insertion end containing a greater amount of absorbent than the trailing end.
The Orbital Select batteries, which will be private labeled "EverStart Ultra," is a cylindrically wrapped gel technology battery, safe enough to be mailed or installed in the passenger compartments of vehicles, and holds its charge substantially longer than conventional lead-acid batteries.
Advances in deep ocean mooring technology had just made it possible for Deuser and others to directly sample the rain of particles falling in the abyssal ocean by using large conical or cylindrically shaped sediment "trap" collectors.
Three centerless methods collectively can grind a wide variety of cylindrically shaped parts.
Thus, a cylindrically shaped air conditioning machine has been developed that permits several hundred feet of continual coil (or tubing) to be wrapped around a mandrel in one mechanical process.
for her research on Analysis of Cylindrically Confined Diblock Copolymers and Gold Nanocomposites for Metamaterials; Aprotim Bhowmik, Lilburn, Ga.