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Synonyms for cylindric

having the form of a cylinder


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Among the topics are correlating assessment parameters on geometrical features of surface texture, a feasibility analysis of solving contact problems of roller bearings by the finite element method, an improved element-free method for compressing a cylindric tube, design considerations in high strength plate levelers, testing stress and analyzing strength of a vibrating cooler, and different circular saw structures for reducing saw noise.
1] shows that the surface of evolution is a cylindric quadrilateral fixed by the origin generator [x.
Inflorescence terminal, paniculate, erect to arched and/or pendulous, three divided; male inflorescence 50-180 cm high, three times branched, peduncle brown, erect, cylindric, 50-80 cm long, 8-12 mm diameter; peduncle bracts light brown linear to long triangular, 25-50 cm long.
Stipe 3-8 cm, white, usually ventricose when young, later cylindric.
The protein concentration fields in the footstalk of cylindric shape are modeled in program Matlab and shown in figure 1 for non-dimensional solvent consumption.
Slips take place by shearing on a somewhat cylindric slip surface.
Commonly known as "guaco", the plant grows as a timbered shrub with a branched cylindric stem (Castro et al.
We obtained cylindric DU pellets from Manufacturing Sciences Corporation (Oak Ridge, TN).
7) as "Stem terete, simple or branched, cylindric or subcylindric; surface nearly smooth, without transverse ridges, apparently hollow".