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(baseball) a hit that flies straight out from the batter

a piece of cloth that is used as the inside surface of a garment

a large commercial ship (especially one that carries passengers on a regular schedule)

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Cylinder liner industry market status analysis including developments, competition overview, manufacturers' product comparison and market dynamics and trends.
At its full capacity, which is due on stream by the end of 2006, the site will produce 3 million cylinder liners per annum for the domestic Chinese and export truck markets and will employ in the region of 700 people.
Dana's centrifugally-cast cylinder liner technology and NPR's machining expertise combine to create a leading-edge engine components package that provides the quality that vehicle manufacturers demand of today's engines.
for contributions of cylinder liners, and Greg Beshouri, president, AETC for technical assistance, The review of this article and technical comments provided by Charles E.
The influence of Cylinder Liner industry policy is discussed in this research along with product specifications, manufacturing process, product cost structure and more.
This makes sense because when the vapor pressure of the coolant equals the pressure at the wall of the cylinder liner, the boiling point has been reached.
for the sale of Dana's light duty cylinder liner business to Camisa.
A cylinder liner joint venture in Lake City, Minnesota was established in 1999.
The system reduces cylinder liner polishing and valve bridge/rocker arm wear caused by accumulation of particles smaller than five microns.
GKN Sheepbridge Stokes, supplier of cylinder liner products for car, truck, bus, tractor, marine, locomotive and power generation applications, has appointed Irv Daymond as Regional Sales Manager - America.
However, a shift in strategy to focus on the cylinder liner business forced Sparta to rethink its overall process.
Teikoku's automotive cylinder liner technology provides a proven, robust solution in these applications.
Tenders are invited for Gasket Cylinder Liner To Block Top, Centre Bottom To Be Procured As A Set To Drg, No.
Tenders are invited for Empanelment Of Vendors For Cylinder Liner Honing Jobs