cylinder head

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a detachable plate that covers the closed end of a cylinder chamber in a reciprocating engine or pump

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The automaker's executives stated that the problem with the engine's cylinder head would affect around 0.
Production of the new Panther cylinder head, which will replace the Puma product being made at the moment, will start in 2015.
TOM: What's happening is that right after you start the car, very hot exhaust gases created inside the cylinders are getting through a breach in the cylinder head gasket or the cylinder head, and they're getting into the water jacket (the passages inside the cylinder head that carry the coolant).
The net returns are about the same for cylinder head products.
Engine blocks and cylinder heads, in addition to other Tupy engineering parts supplied by the Brazil and Mexico plants, are present in cars from Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen (pictured is the 2014 Beetle), as well as in VW, MAN and Scania trucks and buses around the world.
Abstract: This paper aims to experimentally determine the variable temperature fields on the surface and in the superficial layer of the cylinder head of a spark ignition engine, Dacia brand, 1.
A cylinder head failure can set you back pounds 810.
Q I BOUGHT a Lotus Elise Series 2 in May, knowing that it recently had its cylinder head gasket replaced by a Surrey-based Lotus specialist.
After marking one side, the cylinder head is rotated and the sequence is performed again on the opposite side.
With this plan to double capacity, the plant building will be expanded to accommodate a second machining line and molding processes for the cylinder head to achieve integrated production of the cylinder block and cylinder head.
The further stage of the cylinder head should reveal the best shape of the disk surface, the best distribution of the holes and the variance of the holes diameter.
Sealing products on the high-performing engines include: cylinder head gaskets, intake and exhaust manifold gaskets, oil pan gaskets, cover gaskets and modules, dynamic seals, heat shields and a total engine sealing system.
Being the new kind on the block is not easy, says Terry Reed, owner of R&H Cylinder Head Inc.
But the expansion of the steel insert in the aluminum cylinder head can cause it to work loose.
But don't be surprised if your next fortune cookie says "Time for a new cylinder head.