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Synonyms for cider

a beverage made from juice pressed from apples

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Alternatively, Whiteside and Lynam (2001), and Cyders et al.
Additionally, permissions were obtained to include: a) 29 items from the Buss and Perry (1992) Questionnaire of Aggressiveness (AG) in the Aggressiveness-hostility dimension; and b) 37 items from the UPPS Impulsive Behavior Scale (Lynam, Smith, Whiteside, & Cyders, 2006).
Dir, Coskunpinar, Steiner and Cyders (2013) examined sexting expectancies and behaviors in 278 undergraduate students and used a "sexpectancies measure" developed by the researchers.
According to Cyders and Smith's (2008) model, individual differences in Negative Urgency trait can be identified in the relationship between emotion and behavior.
Prime is the only group of thermal cyders to offer a touch-screen user interface, identical intuitive software, flexible upgrades and transferable programs between all instruments in the range.
importer of Aspall Cyders from Suffolk, England;Batemans Ales from Lincolnshire, England; Bellegems Bruin from the Bockor Brewery in Bellegem, Belgium; and the De Proef Brewmaster's & Collaboration series from Lochristi, Belgium.
As Welsh is my mother tongue it seemed only natural to re-brand our cyders with Welsh names.
Also at the show will be the multi award-winning Aspall Suffolk Cyders made from blends of pure pressed apple juice to give a distinctive and refreshing flavour.
Smith, Williams, Cyders, and Kelley (2006), posit that "to the degree that humans engage in reactive transactions [the term refers to the idea that there are individual differences in how individuals react to or construe environmental events], an objectively common learning event may not be experienced in the same way by two individuals.
Where once attention had been trained squarely on standard thermal cyders, now the focus seems to have moved to their real-time siblings.
The Suffolk-based apple specialist will be exhibiting its range of apple juices, cyders and vinegars.