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The soft bipolar spectrum redefined: focus on the cyclothymic, anxious-sensitive, impulse-dyscontrol, and binge-eating connection in bipolar II and related conditions.
She contends that Jamison suggests: "the pattern of manic-depressive cycles can be identified in cyclothymic artists by looking at the start and termination of their creative work" (25).
We read that some antidepressants, such as Lexapro, could trigger manic episodes in people with manic depression or in cyclothymic patients.
QMY wife was recently diagnosed as having cyclothymic disorder and the doctor told her she may need medication.
The higher scores on Factor A show an outgoing and cyclothymic disposition (high and low mood swings) in contrast to the low-scoring LD subjects.
Depue, Kleiman, Davis, Hutchinson, and Krauss (1985) presented cyclothymic and normal individuals with a mild stressor (simple mathematics problems) and found no differences in subjective ratings of stress on a 5-point scale nor in changes of cortisol secretion.
Virginia Woolf experienced cyclothymic swings throughout her adult life.
While her diaries make it clear she realised how lucky she was to have him, her perpetually needy state and cyclothymic depressions made their relationship rather one-sided.
They said it was a cyclothymic, bipolar episode or something like that.
And finally, though the analogy can only be sketched briefly here, the episodes of lurid sexuality and savage violence which break out like summer storms across the Caldwell landscape (and which seem to be the only events capable of rousing Caldwell's characters from their lethargy), may be productively viewed as the work of libidinal energy liberated in mania, the excess of uninhibited behavior which alternates with depression proper in the cyclothymic form of the disease.
Temperament Evaluation of Memphis, Pisa, Paris and San Diego Autoquestionnaire (TEMPS-A): It was developed by Akiskal (22) and it is a 100-item self-report measure of affective temperament with depressive, cyclothymic, hyperthymic, irritable, and anxious subscales.