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Synonyms for cyclorama

a picture (or series of pictures) representing a continuous scene

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Bradford's modern collage-paper cyclorama distorts and amplifies Philippoteaux's original.
main studio containing a cyclorama, a green screen for special effects and a $300,000 computerized lighting grid.
The cyclorama that Dickinson and his team created comprised 60 panels 50 ft high and 120 ft across placed at the back of the stage.
In a festive twist on the "Model the Movement" slogan, an actual fashion show took place at the Cyclorama.
And if it's a stage" the Inspector continued, picking up a large gold pocketwatch and pointing to its face, "if it's there in its entirety, the script all written, so to speak, a kind of cyclorama which seems to move only because we, like these hands here, move through it, then it should be possible, if we could just overcome our perceptual limitations, to visit any part of it, including the no-longer and the not-yet
In addition, markings on the lower right corner indicate that the image was "Copied by Permission from the Cyclorama of the Monitor and Merrimac on Exhibition at Toledo, Ohio.
They can determine the amount of lumber required to construct a cyclorama and cove curved horizontally and vertically so that light refracts rather than reflects.
A deep interest in the Civil War began when Elwell was 11 years old and traveled to Atlanta alone because he wanted to see Cyclorama (www.
A highlight is the sound and light program that brings to life a 377-foot "painting in the round" known as the Gettysburg Cyclorama, which depicts Pickett's Charge.
create a cyclorama effect and space lends itself to gallery, says Bolla.
Atlanta celebrated the 145th anniversary of the Battle of Atlanta July 18 and 19 at the Cyclorama.
As Oram's louvered doors opened center stage and flew out, the scene transformed to a beach, post-storm, and a substantial cyclorama provided the skyline background to Viola and the Sea Captain doing their own expository scene-setting.
With its cyclorama of diverse, viable approaches, it essentially reaffirms what we knew already: abstract painting, like other modes, stands in many places simultaneously, and the distinction between abstract and figurative painting matters far less than it did historically.
I put my program away as the lights went down on the almost empty stage backed by a beautifully lit cyclorama, then came up again as George (David Norona) and Lennie (Al Espinosa) entered hurriedly, looking for a place to sleep in the open, as night fell.
So when you build scenery for an entertainment show you pull a black cloth, called a cyclorama, round the back of the studio, paint the floor black, and when the lights are on, all the paraphernalia of the production process is instantly hidden.