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Synonyms for refraction

the change in direction of a propagating wave (light or sound) when passing from one medium to another

the amount by which a propagating wave is bent

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A study (42) comparing cycloplegic refraction measurements using the hand-held autorefractor (Retinomax), a table-mounted autorefractor (Canon FK-1) and streak retinoscopy in a large cohort of children between 24 and 72 months of age found no significant difference in the mean spherical equivalent (MSE) refractive error between the table-mounted autorefractor (1.
In esotropia, the optometrist should look for hypermetropia, including a cycloplegic refraction.
They can also remove those in-growing eyelashes and cycloplegic refraction and get paid for it.
Measurements of axial length (using partial coherence interferometry, Zeiss IOLMaster), anterior chamber depth, corneal topography, cycloplegic refraction and visual acuity are being performed at 6-month intervals.
Cycloplegic refraction measurements were taken before study commencement, every three months and at the end of the study.
Contract notice: Community Eye-care Services for Intraocular Pressure and Children~s Cycloplegic Refraction services.
Further assessment including cycloplegic refraction and dilated retinal examination was unremarkable.