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a reference work (often in several volumes) containing articles on various topics (often arranged in alphabetical order) dealing with the entire range of human knowledge or with some particular specialty

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The cyclopedia members had to quickly disconnect themselves as Godiva was man-handled around the corner, before the parade was able to get back on its way, to the delight of watching crowds.
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His books were used as texts in more than 160 colleges and universities (National Cyclopedia, 1979, p.
Supported by Cardiff bike shop Cyclopedia and coached by former GB Commonwealth and Olympic athlete Andrea Whitcombe, Lewis will now be hoping for further successes after making her mark in Spain.
In addition to providing part, assembly/disassembly, and repair information, the data in The En- cyclopedia on specifications for pins, screws and helical springs on the listed firearms will likely justify adding this volume to any gunsmith's library.
Published in six regional volumes between 1897 and 1908, the Cyclopedia of New Zealand presented descriptions of the history, geography, government, industry and business in each locality, as well as biographies of early settlers and noted people in the community.
His prior publications include "Air Force Role in Developing International Outer Space Law" Air University Press, (1999); "Complaint Procedures Initiated by and Against Federal Administrative Law Judges Need Reform Now," Judge's Journal (Fall 1994); Chapter Two "The Patient, the Hospital and the Law," Lawyers Medical Cyclopedia (Allan Smith Publishing Company, (1981); and "The New Copyright Law: How It Affects Physicians," The Journal of Legal Medicine (1977).
3) The Cyclopedia of New Zealand: Otago & Southland Provincial Districts, (Christchurch: Cyclopedia Company, 1904), pp.
It appears to have been loosely based on the earlier Chambers Cyclopedia which it quickly overtook.
19) Kelly, (20) in his A Cyclopedia of American Medical Biography Comprising the Lives of Eminent Deceased Physicians and Surgeons From 1610 to 1910, glorifies Agnew's nocturnal procurement activities by relating a humorous story.
The Cyclopedia cited the documentary sources on the saint, but found in them evidence of an unstable and immoral figure.
Sport a monocle and have a copy of Pear's Cyclopedia poking out of your jacket pocket and you're bound to be ousted the moment you wrinkle your brow.
In chapter 2, Pardes discusses Melville's use of Jonah, chiefly in Father Mapple's sermon and in the chapter on "Jonah Historically Regarded," in relation to the Englishman John Kitto's popular Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature (1846), which incorporated elements of the new German historical criticism of the Bible.
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