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To add to her cyclopean effect, when Hulot and we had looked down on the 4-by-6 grid of cubicles from above, it was clear that, as with the blinking red eye in the centre of the rectangular console, the receptionist-dispatcher moves in regular motions on a fixed position in the centre of a patterned grid containing activity within its seemingly programmed spaces.
Thus ever seems it when my soul can hear The voice that errs not; then my triumph gleams O'er the blank ocean beckoning, and all night My heart flies on before me as I sail; Far on I see my lifelong enterprise, I see the ungated wall of chaos old, With blocks Cyclopean hewn of solid night, Fade like a wreath of unreturning mist Before irreversible feet of light;-- And lo, with what clear omen in the east On day's gray threshold stands the eager dawn, Like young Leander rosy from the sea Glowing at Hero's lattice
Second, it reveals the false foundation of humanism in its hinting of our unconscious awareness of the cosmic indifferentist truth about the human condition, a reality of which the professor becomes (consciously) cognizant when he reads the bas-reliefs of the Cyclopean city: we are not the first intelligent species to have populated the Earth; we were made by accident by superior, alien entities; and, in a manner similar to our interaction with species we deem to be inferior to ours, these beings used us for "food and sometimes as [.
His single-minded project to turn Ireland into a cyclopean landscape teeming with cattle, black and white, human and animal, certainly qualifies him to be a foolish cyclopean man-eater.
Made of beautiful white granite, the walls contained blocks of Cyclopean size, higher than a man.
Looking for answers is asking to be duped: the Cyclopean Big Dan Teague sells "answers" in the form of a Bible, and Homer Stokes offers white supremacy and populist blather as his answers to Mississippi's troubles.
Produced by cyclopean cameras, photographs are flat, static images that distort distance, lighting, and scale.
Ennis therefore attempts to reverse the damage by reaffirming violence as the viable alternative of words, the black and blue pointing to the putrefaction of red blood, the curdled bruising of force, just as the solitary headlight on his pickup images his cyclopean vision of things.
Equating Sauron with the Cyclopean Ogre seems appropriate; and, though many of the events may not occur in precisely the same way or in the same order, the similarities seem sufficient to label Tolkien's climactic episode at Mount Doom a transformation of AT 1137.
Achilles and Hector are one in their Cyclopean isolation, and heroic virtue is identical to bestial vice (pp.
Beyond its immediate relevance, the narrator's gesture of likening a Cyclopean scene to a play in the Queen's Royal Theatre also conjures up several other aesthetic, ideological, and social features of Queen's performances that the episode comically exposes and re-negotiates: the melodramatic construction of Irish history and contemporary events, the use of stage Irish figures, and the audience's integration into meaning production.
Odysseus has both a philosophic mind and a Cyclopean propensity for action, but in him reflection and action are not separate from one another but wedded into a creative union.
For Harris carnival further invok es the presence of the Cyclopean (Homeric) mask and the "trick of Anancy [African] 'death'" (189) (5) as dark, feuding "carnival twins"--e.
understood at the winking of the sun's Cyclopean eye
offer a Cyclopean vision of its own, in which everything grouped on the