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Using prisms and an advanced brain scanner, Rokers and collaborators at Utrecht University in the Netherlands have found the point in the human brain -- very early in image processing in the visual cortex -- in which the transformation to a cyclopean view of the world takes place.
The steam engine is personified as "the galloping monster, the terror of steam and steal with its single eye, cyclopean, red, shooting from horizon to horizon" (41), and when Dyke, the runaway engineer who is driven to murder by the railroad company, uses this "great iron brute" to escape, he can feel its "great pulsing heart" (335).
This series, cyclopean Leela is looking forward to a romantic break with Fry until her ex Sean makes an unexpected return.
in at you, cyclopean, cold blue, an incurious malice, slightly veiled by
While it is self evident that we have two eyes, because of our apparent cyclopean view of the world we somehow take the process of inter-ocular co-ordination for granted.
Harrington was totally appealing as Galatea, her Acis was ardently portrayed by Oliver Mercer, and Matthew Stiff was wonderful as the haplessly villainous cyclopean monster Polyphemus.
In his account of his journey, he described the canyon as "a vast labyrinth of canyons, cliffs, buttes, pinnacles, minarets, and detached rocks of Cyclopean magnitude, the whole destitute of soil and vegetation, colored in many brilliant tones and tints, and carved in many weird forms.
Addressing the sacrality linked with prehistoric megalithic and Cyclopean structures, Pozzi (not further identified) argues that it was the devotion and submission to, or perhaps even the fear of, superior beings, the gods or divinified ancestors, that furnished the motivation and strength to large groups of people to carry out the immense works.
And then there are the vast, omnipresent, Cyclopean eyes: television and the Internet.
In this game Jimmy Foxx drove Lefthander Stewart to the showers in the third inning with a cyclopean round tripper.
With its cyclopean dome, it could shoot everything from wide-angle seascapes to portraits of shrimp.
Tati's film startlingly predicts Kubrick's use of a computer's red eye (the cyclopean HAL) in a scene that also offers a Kubrick-esque corridor shot; Tati goes on to merge cubicle-space with camera-space, predicting the West's fascination with closed-circuit television surveillance, which reappears (as videophones and security cameras) throughout the spaceships in 2001: A Space Odyssey.
In addition, the obnoxious and chauvinistic Citizen conveys a similarly cyclopean mono-perspective.
Looking forward to the, er, outrageous shenanigans of Wenlock and Mandeville: two cyclopean drops of steel with a healthy love of sport and a free rein to write on Twitter.
Leopold Bloom vainly explains to his own literalist Yahoos, the Cyclopean clientele of Barney Kiernan's, his belief that any hope of futurity should not be focused upon Utopian dreams of a New Jerusalem but simply upon love--upon Ulysses's own final affirmation of love, its immortal and uncompromising Yes.