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(meteorology) rapid inward circulation of air masses about a low pressure center

a violent rotating windstorm

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Prior to reaching the air cleaner assembly the induction air is also cyclonically treated to remove any large debris to extend filter life and service intervals.
Voison was cyclonically wooed, glorified, and deified; Castro mounted a massive campaign of "grass indoctrination" for the whole Cuban people, and the sixtyish Voison unwittingly became the single, unrivaled hero of all of Cuba's honored cows.
Colourfence is scientifically tested and cyclonically rated to ensure that, when installed properly, it can withstand wind gusts of up to 130mph.
The housing is designed to cyclonically remove larger heavier particles.
In summary, the ZWC positions from the two center overpasses on the 4 October flight indicate that the Joaquin vortex tilts from 1- to 10-km elevation and precesses cyclonically with time.
6d) came from the southwest and turned cyclonically toward the north after it entered the storm.
The heat source drives an updraft that rotates cyclonically owing to the upward tilting of the streamwise horizontal vorticity imposed in the environment.