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Synonyms for cyclonic

of or relating to or characteristic of the atmosphere around a low pressure center

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of or relating to or characteristic of a violent tropical storm

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According to the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) a very severe cyclonic storm has a maximum sustained surface wind speed of between 150-160 km/h with gusts of up to 175 km/h.
PMD said a weather advisory, in case of any cyclonic activity, will be issued in next 24 hrs.
According to reports, the very severe cyclonic storm, located over west-central and adjoining south Bay of Bengal, has weakened into a severe cyclonic storm.
Sanjay Kumar, deputy commission of North and Middle Andaman, told PTI: "We have taken all precautionary measures following the cyclonic storm and people from the vulnerable areas have been shifted to safer places.
Eucalyptus, gulmohar, debdaru, radhachura, banyan, peepal, rain, jackfruit, mango, banana, coconut and cashew trees are some of the trees and plants which were destroyed by the super cyclonic storm.
Cyclonic Mixer is a significant advance in Biodiesel technology.
1995) had used a simplified conical lake bathymetry to manifest the cyclonic circulation in deep stratified lakes during the open water period.
In 2009 it began on May 31 when a turbulent 'rift', interacting with a cyclonic 'barge', ejected a very dark vortex north into the NTropZ.
Summary: Karachi, Pakistan, June 07, 2010, SPA -- Killer storm &'Phet&', which hit Oman with cyclonic force, turned its fury on Pakistan, leaving more death and destruction in the Sindh Province.
ISLAMABAD, June 6 -- One woman was reported dead and 25 injured as widespread torrential rains, cyclonic winds and high tides in various coastal areas of Balochistan triggered flash flood in streams and brooks.
A cyclonic tangential inlet knocks out most of the dust as it enters the collector, minimizing dust contact with the filters for prolonged service life.
west cyclonic, maximum over Central Europe, and ridge over Central Europe.
Chukar's Waterjet Cyclone abrasive removal system is a cyclonic garnet extraction machine for removal of garnet abrasive per minute removes up from any waterjet cutting system, said a statement.
It is a hybrid cyclonic vacuum/dust collector that combines the benefits of both into one unit.
Tournament organisers consulted with Suncorp Stadium officials today to assess damage caused by the cyclonic tropical winds and rain that have ravaged the area.